Mississaugua Golf & Country Club

Mississaugua Golf & Counrty Club is one of Canada’s most prestigious and historic clubs.

Mississaugua Golf & Counrty Club is one of Canada’s most prestigious and historic clubs, a place where its highly-regarded golf course is central to more than 100 years of greatness. But even perfection can be improved upon.

In an effort to provide members with the best possible facilities and services and to attract the next generation of members, a strategic plan for the Club was developed. The plan: To identify the long-term values, mission and vision for the future of the Club with the integration of a new fitness facility and associated programs. The goal: To adapt to the requirements of current and potential members by delivering new and improved services in a premium environment defined by first-class golf and fitness amenities and facilities. The solution: To engage the help of Pro Club Fitness to lead Mississaugua Golf and Country Club in the right direction with the addition of a new fitness facility. For several years, Pro Club Fitness has been an advocate of the addition of fitness facilities and wellness programs to help drive growth in the golf and country club segment.

Based on a review of the membership demographics, proposed fitness assessment fees and annual dues, fitness trends in recent years and all other market factors, Pro Club Fitness recommended that Mississaugua Golf and Country Club should continue to be perceived as a ‘Premier Private Club’; however, current and potential members must also perceive ‘exceptional value for money’ from the Club – Fitness Value Proposition. In order to remain a vital part of our society in the future, Mississaugua must offer their members a quality experience in a number of activity areas, have creative programs that facilitate the growth and development of social capital, adopt policies that reflect the modern society that they serve and create programs that encourage increased fitness. While golf and tennis are still important, an active recreation and wellness program will be a strategic pillar for Mississaugua Golf and Country Club now and in the future.

After months of strategic and budget planning, Pro Club Fitness proposed the integration of a fitness facility into Mississaugua’s existing clubhouse. After an initial facility design and equipment selection, Pro Club Fitness liaised with the Clubs architects and construction managers to develop a conceptual plan and equipment placement design to ensure that the facilities infrastructure requirements for the equipment, entertainment, and networking was satisfied.

The project development continued with Pro Club Fitness bid management which involved developing a bid package, vendors selection and invitation, bid review and analysis, and equipment sourcing from multiple manufacturers to ensure Mississaugua had the best equipment whilst still meeting their budget restraints. Pro Club Fitness ensures the equipment was installed to fitness facility standards and guidelines and schedules equipment preventative maintenance and services to help extend the life of the equipment and to ensure limited downtime during repairs.

With the project completed, Mississaugua Golf & Country Club will not only continue to be one of Canada’s most prestigious and historic golf club but will be a club defined by first-class fitness amenities and facilities.