University & College Expertise

State-of-the-art fitness and recreation centers help universities and colleges recruit and retain high quality students, faculty and staff.

  • We help Universities and college board members, alumni, and staff realize the benefits that a state-of-the-art fitness facility and its associated programs with have on their students, faculty and staff. Campus fitness centers ideally appeal not only to student athletes but to all school community members.
  • We understand that not all educational institutions are created equal, so we strive to develop a strategy that is tailored to the universities or college’s budget and space.
  • We analyze the existing space as well as the present and potential student, faculty, and staff demographics to determine needs.
  • We research and analyze competing educational institutions to ensure that the new venture with meet or exceed the expectations of its potential and existing students and compete against other universities and colleges.
  • We recommend equipment and amenities that will not only help recruit high quality students and athletes but also help retain existing members.
  • We recommend the right commercial fitness equipment that optimizes budget and meets expectations for a diverse campus population.
  • We liaison with construction teams to ensure the facility infrastructure requirements are met.
  • We help clients visualize the space with 3D renderings, 3D video walk-throughs, and 3D printed models. These 3D projects help by providing visualization to prospective students of an unbuilt proposed fitness facility.
  • We focus all our efforts to ensure the benefits of a fitness facility addition are achieved – a well-designed facility with durable, on-budget, and low-maintenance equipment that keeps your educational community engaged and keeps your school strong.