Sustainable Actions Today
Brighter Living

At Pro Club Fitness, we recognize the harmful impacts we have on the environment and are looking to put our best efforts forward to make improvements for a sustainable future. 

Achieving environmental sustainability in today’s world is going to require a lot more than helpful words and discussion; it needs action and commitment. Our culture will not only talk about how we can achieve sustainability, but instead, we will make it a goal to provide the actions needed.

What would we like to achieve as a company?

Our goal is to help our clients introduce a new fitness facility into their club or revive an outdated one. We understand that as we try to meet the needs of our clients we also have to be aware of the impact that this will have on the environment. We strive to develop a strategy that is tailored to not only our clients’ space but the surrounding environment. Our sustainability planning includes: 

  • Actively promoting and implementing proper garbage disposal and recycling both internally and amongst our customers and suppliers.
  • Educating management and shareholders with environmental standards to create awareness.
  • Removing/replacing any harmful products used within our current range of business and look for more sustainable options.
  • Setting sustainable and reachable targets to continue ongoing growth as a company.
  • Implementing action through corporation clean-up days throughout the year. 


Pro Club Fitness plans on executing these actions immediately to make an improvement towards our community and environment. Our Chief Environmental Commitment Officer will continue to identify ways for which we can improve and achieve sustainability forthcoming.