Consulting (Management Consulting) is defined as the practice of helping organizations to improve their performance, operating primarily through the analysis of existing organizational problems and the development of plans for improvement.

Pro Club Fitness defines themselves as a Management Consulting firm by specializing in the integration of fitness strategies into various facilities in order to improve upon all operational aspects of our clients’ organization.

Our Consulting Services include:

Strategic & Budget Planning

Our goal is to help our clients introduce a new fitness facility into their club or revive an outdated one. We understand that not all clubs are created equal, so we strive to develop a strategy that is tailored to our clients’ budget and space. Our planning consists of:

  • Market research and analysis of competing facilities. We provide analysis on the direction to be taken to compete in the specific market for the area. Our recommendations are based on the analysis of competing clubs or fitness facilities within the member-based radius to ensure our client’s new facility will provide amenities that will retain existing members and appeal to potential new members.
  • Facility assessment for either a new build or renovation of existing facility. We complete a member demographic analysis to determine the organizations needs. An initial design is in provided based on space requirements to meet the needs of the demographics.
  • Surveys and statistical analysis - Initiate surveys of existing client base to determine members needs and desires.
  • Budget planning and leasing - Provide an initial budget based on the planned size of the facility or existing space. Recommend which portions of the budget should be financed or leased.
  • Size and scope analysis - Estimate the base cost for equipment for various size facilities - Boutique, classic, modern, grand styles. Each style is tailored for quality and quantity of equipment.
Facility Design

From facility infrastructure to fitness equipment including plans and layout recommendations and provision of 3D renderings. Our equipment layouts are based on American College of Sports Medicine Health & fitness facility Standards & Guidelines. These calculations are modified and interpreted for specific facilities.

3D Rendering services: From 3D stills to 3D video walk-throughs and 3D printed models. We take the conceptual design of the facility or of the space prior to build and transform it into a rendering that helps clients visualize the finished project. Refer to our 3D Design section for more details.

Project Development

Involves liaison with architects, construction managers, and facility staff to ensure the facility infrastructure requirements for equipment, entertainment, and networking are met.

  • Recommendations and Input on construction planning and design.
  • Recommendations for specialized flooring that will endure the physical stress of fitness equipment use.
  • Calculations for lighting requirements to ensure the number of candles output is sufficient for the area.
  • Electrical planning to ensure equipment specifications are met.