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Fitness facilities are growing for the general population and are the fastest growing service in private clubs. McMahon Club Trends stated that between 2010-2011 there was a 40% increase in usage of fitness facilities compared to a 5% decrease in golf rounds. Golf & Country Clubs are increasing their awareness of member needs to help not only increase membership but to retain existing members by enhancing the value proposition (more for your dues money). Benefits include not only a benefit for The Club but for its members as well.

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Our services focus on our clients' goal to integrate a fitness facility into their club or revive an outdated one. Our fitness industry insight helps our client move forward with confidence. Ensuring the new facility will provide amenities that will retain existing members and appeal to potential new members. See what we do.

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Most private golf clubs in North America face the challenges of maintaining and upgrading their existing facilities and ensuring that the Club’s vision and mission statements are appropriate in order to set the appropriate standards and service expectations for their existing members. View our client results

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Self understanding and self awareness is transformative in business. Welcome to relevant information at your fingertips. Insights for your people and breakthroughs for your business. Read topics that are informative and related to the golf industry. Get our insights

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